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JumpStart WeDo Robotics


FOR AGES 6-8years (Grades K - 2)


Robotics concept for little engineers...

JumpStart engages children with hands-on technology experiments that focus on science, mathematics, social
studies, and language concepts. It provides a fun and
easy way of introducing students to simple robotics. They build models of machines and animals; attach sensors and a motor that are plugged into the computer and configure behaviors using an intuitive, drag-and-drop software. They learn logic and problem solving as they code. 

Scratch Programming for ages 6-8 years (Grades (K-2)


Mindstorms EV3 Robotics


FOR AGES 9 - 14years (Grades 3-7)


A Robotics concept for young engineers... Design, build and program awe-inspiring robots, using LEGO’s most advanced - the powerful MINDSTORMS® EV3.

  • Engineering techniques for drafting top-quality robot designs and to program the robot, using EV3 software.

  • Learn how to use EV3’s gyro, touch, color, rotation and ultrasonic sensors. Learn sensor calibration.

  • Kids work in pairs creating and troubleshooting projects.

  • Learning to apply math concepts to real robots. 


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