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Welcome to the world of imagination and creativity.

With Lego Animation Studio, you have ability that can lead you to hours of fun and accomplishment. You may not even realize that when playing with your own toys, you have already been telling stories. Now you have a chance to share with your friends the stories you have been telling all these years. . .We give you instructional tips, that help you step by step towards making your own movies. Yet, all the instructions, the digital camera, the packages of bricks and props, your personal computer are just the tools. The most important elements are in your imagination, where all ideas begin.

Write Your Story
Get the most out of those ideas by developing them into stories. You can do it with the characters and situations that you invent; the settings; your camera angles; your movements; your sounds; your music; and visual effects.Personal movie-making is all about the choices you make. You are the storyteller. You’re totally in charge. You have final cut.

Build Your Set
So build your own movie set and create your own animated movie using LEGO mini figures or other objects. We provide you with the mini figures or you bring your own.

Using LEGO Cam and LEGO Studios software, you use a computer and video camera to make your animated movie using stop-motion and live video techniques. You can then edit your movie and add exciting sound effects, music, narration and titles with the LEGO Studios software. Your finished movie will be given to you on CDs for you to keep.

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